Lush Mini Haul

Hello everyone!

So today I got back from the hospital, and my Lush parcel arrived! I was so happy, cheered me up so so much! I’ve been using their Fresh Farmacy cleanser, in a hope to clear up my skin, and it hasn’t worked 😦 it’s a lovely cleanser, has a bit of a strange smell but leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean. Which is great if that’s all you’re looking for but I need more! So I ordered the Coal Face cleanser, it’s a black piece of soap, doesn’t smell great but don’t they say things that are good for your skin don’t smell so great…? It smells a little like the Mario Badescu drying cream – not as sulphur-y though. Hopefully this is going to work! I also got the Grease Lightening spot treatment. This is a gel in a pump bottle, smells fresh and herby. It says to use when you feel a spot erupting, but hopefully it may help what I already have.

And now to the pretty things πŸ™‚ Bubblegum Lip Scrub! I’ve wanted to buy this for so long, I tried it out at the Lush store in MΓΌnster a few years ago but it was like €15 for a tiny pot so I refused to buy it. Now I’m back in the UK, it’s Β£6.95 for a pot more than twice the size! You have to just basically scrub it on your lips and then lick it off… Which is cool but it doesn’t really taste as good as I was expecting, it’s a bit perfumey, maybe due to the jojoba oil it contains but it’s not gross.

My last item, Candy Mountain Bubble Bar; I’m not really a bath person but I’ve decided I’m going to try them out a bit more to help chill me out a little. I suffer from Crohn’s disease and it stresses me out quite a lot so hopefully the baths will help with that. So I decided to treat myself and get a nice bath product to use which will make me actually want to have a bath instead of a shower. It’s so pretty, pink and shimmery and lovely πŸ™‚ not used it yet but will be later!

Will update once I’ve tried everything out ❀


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