Update :)

So I’ve been missing in action for a while, I’ve been having a major struggle with my CD however, my skin is lookng loads better! I have one spot and think that’s more than likely due to time of the month. 

My skincare routine and makeup has had an overhaul! I am using Soap and Glory’s Face and Clarity Face Wash and it’s amazing. I’m back to using L’Oreal Skin Perfection Moisturizer and Serum and also L’Oreal Infalliable Foundation. I was talked out of using L’Oreal products from a few people on Makeup Alley and my skin didn’t get any better from not using them so I’m back using them and my skin is fine. I honestly think that it was due to my CD that my skin was playing up as I read on a facial mapping site that acne on the skin can be linked to stomach problems. 

Whilst my stomach isn’t better, I’m still in a 7 month long flare up the medication I am on is making it slightly better. Steroids aren’t really doing much and the azathioprine makes me sick for hours after taking it. Hopefully it will start to get better soon though!

So there’s a quick update of what’s been going on with me, going to write up a February hits and misses next ❤


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