Little treats :)

Hi everyone, so this week I was out shopping in Boots for a birthday present for my boyfriend’s mum and I ended up buying myself a few bits too 🙂 I did need to replace things and then took advantage of 3 for 2! For my boyfriend’s mum, I made up a box of little treats, (Ted Baker body spray, Soap and Glory hand cream, that kind of thing) and put them all in one of my old Glossyboxes.

My treats start with:

No7 Beautifully Matte Mouse Foundation

I used to love this foundation so much, and then I moved to Germany and as it wasn’t sold over there, I stopped using it. They have such a limited shade range now though which really disappointed me, they only have 3 shades of this foundation! It wasn’t too bad for me as I did manage to get a shade that is ok for me, and I have been using it this week and I have remembered why I loved it so much. This foundation makes you feel like you’re not wearing makeup at all. It’s really buildable so you can get the coverage you want and it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin. It has also kept my skin matte pretty much all day. The first day I wore it I was out in the garden, mowed the front and back lawn and did my housework and no shine! I remember mouse foundations being a big thing years ago and then they seem to have fizzled out… It’s a shame because this stuff is fab! It’s also on the 3 for 2 promotion at Boots at the moment 🙂

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Serum

This isn’t a new product for me, I have used it before and was very happy with it, I just like to change my products around a bit. This is serum to apply at night time due to it containing glycolic acid. It claims to minimise pores and diminish fine lines. Whilst I haven’t noticed anything on my lines yet, my pores don’t seem as noticeable but that may also be down to the foundation I am using too. This serum smells quite strong, it has a citrusy grapefruit scent which may be off putting if you don’t like things to smell that strong on your face. This part of the 1/3 off Nip + Fab products at Boots. 


L’Oreal False Lash Flutter Midnight Blacks Mascara

My favourite mascara ever! I’m pretty sure I’ve written about this before but it I’m going to quickly go over it again. This makes my lashes look amazing, it has a plastic bristle wand that gets right into all the lashes and separates them and adds volume. You can really build this formula up so can go from dramatic to subtle. It does claim to have fibres in it but I’m not sure about that as I can’t see any, I would like more though if there is! Again, this is on 3 for 2 at Boots at the moment. 

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter – Pink Lemonade

I already own this in Peach Parfait and that is my everyday lipstick. I love the formula so much that I wanted to get more shades (one at a time though!) Pink Lemonade is a beautiful sheer baby pink. It gives just a subtle hint of colour to your lips and moisturises them. You need to keep the colour topped up throughout the day as it doesn’t stay on very long. And, this is also on 3 for 2 at Boots 🙂

Thank you for reading guys, let me know what you think of the products mentioned 🙂 don’t forget to like and follow my blog ❤


6 thoughts on “Little treats :)

      1. there’s evidence of what might cause lip balm’s overuse on the skin-care side of things. It’s true that certain ingredients used in some brands of lip balm can actually dry out your lips and create a cycle of dryness and application. those lip balms just force u to use them again n again


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