April Glossybox

Hi everyone! So after a long week at my new job, I was super excited to receive my April Glossybox 🙂 This month was a 50s icon themed box and contained 5 full size products. The box is stunning, a beautiful picture of Marilyn Monroe on the front and an Elizabeth Taylor quote on the inner lid which is fab 🙂 I wasn’t too impressed with the products this month though as I don’t feel that I personally will get much use out of them… 



The contents of the box this month equal £30.49, so let’s get into them:


 Lord & Berry Lipstick Pencil in Kiss

I’m not going to lie, I don’t do reds, I don’t think they suit me and I just really don’t like them so this pencil lipstick is going to be sent to my friend in Germany. I have swatched it and it’s very creamy and I think you would get a lot of precision with it but it’s just not for me. This retails at £10.00. 


Astral Original Face and Body Moisturiser

This is a super thick cream that I personally wouldn’t use on my face. I have been using it on my hands and it is really moisturising, makes my hands feel amazing. I’ve never used Astral before and it has quite a strong soapy smell to it. On the little leaflet in the box it states that it can even remove makeup… I think I’ll stick to my micellar water though! This product retails at £3.89. 


POP Beauty Kajal Eyeliner Pen

This is a very creamy eyeliner pencil in jet black. I’ve not tried it out yet but I’d only use it in my waterline as I have quite greasy eyelids so only use liquid on the top. I’ve swatched it on the back of my hand and it rubbed off quite easily so I’m not too convinced on the staying power. This retails at £6.50. 


Color Club Nail Polish in Barely There

This is my favourite product out of this month’s box. I was going to buy a new nude polish this weekend so I’m happy it’s arrived 🙂 it’s a lovely nude, very light and has a peach undertone. I have it on my nails already and it didn’t steak and gave great coverage after 2 coats. This retails at £4.10. On the information card it advises that you can purchase it at http://www.colorclub.com however, this is only if you live in the states as they don’t ship overseas which is annoying! Why would you put a website on the info card that you can’t buy from? So I’m looking around trying to find somewhere that stocks Color Club polishes in the UK. 


Nougat London Soothing Bath Pearls

I’m not a bath person at all, I get bored and just really don’t enjoy them so this product is again being sent to a friend. This is full sized and costs £6.00 which is pretty expensive in my eyes as there really isn’t much in the little pouch that you get. The info card states that it leaves your skin with a subtle shimmer which is nice, if you have baths that it. 


So overall, this month’s box has not impressed me 😦 I appreciate that it was a 50s themed box which is why there’s the red lipstick and eyeliner but you have to fill in a beauty profile when you sign up so I would have thought that my shade preferences would maybe have been taken into consideration? Anyway hope you all have a fab weekend. Let me know if you are subscribed to Glossybox and if you got different products 🙂 please like and follow my blog and I will speak to you all soon ❤


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