Empties #1

Hi everyone! I know I didn’t get a post up last week but to be honest with you, I really didn’t have anything to talk about or anything new to show you. This week, I am not doing a hits and misses post as I have been using the same things and most of which I have already talked about so I don’t want to keep boring you all with the same products so instead, I’m doing my first empties post. I love watching empties videos on YouTube, it’s interesting to see what products people use up. Naturally, the pictures in this post aren’t going to look great as the products have been used. I’m not going to go massively into depth about each product as I have quite a few to talk about, so let’s get started 🙂

Boots Extracts Rich Cocoa Butter Body Wash


I got this in a gift set for Christmas and it’s a lovely wash but I have got fed up of smell of cocoa butter as I was using the body butter and a cocoa scented gradual tan too. I would buy again but in a different scent. 

L’Oreal Infallible Foundation – 120 Vanilla


I have a love hate relationship with this foundation. I love it for a few months then go off it. What I like to do with this is mix it with Vichy Dermablend in Opal and apply with a damp Real Techniques sponge. I will buy this again at some point. 

Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea Deodorant


I love how fresh this smells but I dot think it works very well for me, especially as the weather gets warmer. This is more of a winter deodorant if you get me?

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Gradual Tan Spray Moisturiser


This is why I have gone off the smell of cocoa butter. It’s a really good gradual tan but once the tan starts to develop it stinks so bad of fake tan and also has the cocoa butter scent lingering. It smells awful but it’s a good product. Not sure if I’ll repurchase. 

Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder – 53 Beige Clair


I have quite a lot left in this but I can’t get it on my brush very well so I’ve stopped using it. It’s an average powder, nothing amazing about it. Sets foundation as it should. Would probably repurchase. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water


This is the only thing I use to take my makeup off and I have been using it for probably over a year. I use 2 maxi cotton pads and use both sides to get all my foundation off for my first cleanse. It’s a good price and lasts a while especially when you compare to makeup wipes. I’ve already replaced this and will continue to. 

L’Oreal False Lash Flutter Midnight Blacks


As I’ve already said in previous posts, this is my favourite mascara by far. I love the wand, the formulation, just everything about it, and it’s already been replaced. 

L’Oreal Skin Perfection Serum


This is a lovely serum but I don’t feel it really does enough for my skin. I much prefer the Nip + Fab Glycolic Serum. As I’m in my late 20s, this isn’t really enough for me but I’d recommend it for someone in their early 20s. 

Elvive Fibrology Shampoo & Conditioner


I think I mentioned these in a hits and misses post, didn’t thicken my hair at all, wouldn’t really recommend. A while ago I used to use the Bed Head thickening range (can’t remember the name of the range but it came in pink bottles) and that stuff really added volume to your hair. I wouldn’t buy this range again. 

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Lips


This is a lovely water based lip balm that give your lips a lot of hydration. I really like it and will be buying again. If you can’t get hold of this lip balm, it is very similar to Nivea Hydro Care. 

Aussie Shower Smoothie


This stuff is lovely. Smells amazing and it actually leaves the scent on your skin. Will definitely be buying again. 

Garnier Mineral Clean Sensation Deodorant  


This is my favourite deodorant at the moment. Smells fresh, doesn’t leave marks on my clothes and keeps sweat at bay (disgusting I know but my office doesn’t have air con!)

Rimmel Brow This Way


This brow gel was ok, it didn’t keep my brows in place very well but it has just the right amount of tint. I probably won’t buy this again as I like a gel that has staying power. I also want something with a smaller brush. 

L’Oreal Skin Perfection Moisturiser


I know I wrote about this along with the serum in a hits and misses post but I feel the same about this as I do the serum, I need something a bit more hydrating as I have dehydrated oily skin (very difficult to work with.) Im currently testing out a new moisturiser and will talk about it more next month after I’ve been using it a bit longer. I don’t think I’ll use the Skin Perfection range again. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz – Taupe 


I totally understand the hype this pencil gets, it’s really great! Very precise and not too waxy. I have recently replaced this with Soap and Glory’s Archery pencil and after using it for a few weeks, I do think that the Brow Wiz is a little better as it’s not as waxy as Archery. That said, I’ve been using ABH Dipbrow again and I’m switching between the two. 

Soap & Glory Mist You Madly Body Spray


I love using this when I’m in work and just want a bit of a refresh during the day. I don’t carry around my perfumes as they are expensive and I just prefer to keep them at home but this is nice to spray on around lunch time after sitting in a stuffy office!

Ok so that’s all my empties that I have at the moment! Let me know if you like this kind of post and if you’d like to see more. Please like this post (if you liked it) and follow my blog 🙂 until next time ❤


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