Urban Decay Afterglow Blush

Hi everyone! So this week I am going to be talking about an old favourite of mine that disappeared for a few years and has now come back looking more beautiful than ever, I’m talking about Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in Score 🙂

Ok, I’ll give you a bit of history on this for you. About 10 years ago (god I feel old!) when I was first getting properly into makeup and was branching out into more high end makeup, I found an obsession with the brand Urban Decay. I loved the colours, the packaging and how the brand was marketed. When I had a free period from college, I’d be at the Urban Decay counter annoying the girl who worked there and playing with all the products and getting her to put them on me, and spending a lot of money! I can remember their single eyeshadows being £9.50 which in my eyes was clearly a bargain for something so beautiful. So anyway, I remember buying a palette, I can’t remember what it was called but it was light purple and metallic, it contained 4 eyeshadows, I think it had a lipgloss and it had the most beautiful blush and it was Score Afterglow Blush. I loved it so much and ended up buying it after I ran out, it was the only blush I used and then they stopped making it… It was a sad time for me. They rebranded and released the Glide on Cheek Tints which I thought were awful and I think they went a bit downhill with their packaging, it looked really cheap and not high end at all. 
So I started using high street blushes but it just wasn’t the same, then Urban Decay came out with their Naked Flushed palettes which I love but they still didn’t have the shade Score which is what I needed! 


History lesson over, I was so so so excited when I got an email from Urban Decay about their new Spring/Summer collection and low and behold, they’re back with the Afterglow Blushes and they look absolutely amazing and the best part is that they have Score back!! Naturally, I got onto http://www.feelunique.com and they had 20% off all products so in my eyes that was a sign to buy it 😉 it arrived in the post a few days later and I was not disappointed. Urban Decay have really upped their game with packaging, it’s a sleek metallic purple/grey with their logo embossed on the top. The blush has a magnetic closure so it doesn’t chip or break, I have absolutely no faults with this packaging.


The blush itself is just as I remembered it, a beautiful peachy pink with a slight gold shimmer that makes your cheeks look beautifully flushed and glowy.


Unfortunately in the swatch you can’t see the gold because it is quite subtle but this shade would look lovely on all skin tones for a pop of colour. It’s very pigmented so you need to use a light hand and then layer up the colour to get the intensity that you want. It also blends out really easily too into my bronzer and highlighter. 

Overall, I can’t say enough good things about the blush, I’m so happy that Urban Decay have bought there blushes back because they really are amazing, they have a great shade range too to match all skin tones and all makeup looks. If you were wondering if you should get this and whether it’s worth the money I definitely think it is. 

Hope you guys all have a great weekend and you liked this post 🙂 please subscribe to my blog and I’ll be back next week with my May favourites ❤



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