June Hits

Hello everyone! I hope you are well and have had a fab weekend. So this month I haven’t really brought any makeup, my money has gone on skincare and body care. Next month though I feel I may get myself a few treats 🙂 I have also liked everything I’ve bought this month, I’ve not loved everything but I’ve liked everything so today I will share with you everything I’ve loved 🙂

Vichy Pureté Thermale Beautifying Cleansing Micellar Oil


Oh my god, I have never been so impressed by a cleanser/makeup remover. I’m not going to go too into depth about this as I love it so much, I’m going to write a full review on it. I’ve never looked at a cleansing oil before, I see them all over YouTube but it’s not really something I’ve wanted to try. I’m not sure what made me buy this, maybe because it’s a micellar oil and you all know how much I love my micellar waters! This is a game changer for me, it’s amazing at removing makeup and leaves your skin feeling amazing. Full review will be up next Sunday. 

Original Source Quick Drying Moisturising Oil Spray


I’m really liking oils at the moment 🙂 this stuff smells of watermelon and it’s not overpowering and sickly. It makes your skin feel so soft and leaves a slight glow to the skin. You only need a little of this product, I use 2/3 sprays and it covers a whole arm without leaving an oil slick on your skin. I use it every evening and not much has gone. I like how it is in a spray form so you don’t overuse it, I use Bio Oil on my legs and I feel that I don’t have much control over how much I use but this one is measured and you don’t waste it. I really hope that Original Source bring out a range of fragrances in this product. 

Avène Soothing Eye Contour Cream


This is a lovely soothing, very hydrating eye cream. I love how it is in a tube, I don’t like pots that much, especially with eye creams because they’re so hard to get out! This cream is thick but it melts into the skin beautifully and it leaves a beautiful base for makeup. I found that my under eyes don’t crease with this product and it’s pretty affordable too, I paid less than £10 for it 🙂

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum


I’ve only found Vichy as a brand around 18 months ago and I have liked everything that I have bought, the one thing I didn’t like that much was the Normaderm Micellar Water, it wasn’t that I didn’t like it, there is just cheaper alternatives out there. Anyway, this serum is amazing, I have oily, dehydrated skin and I have always used products designed for oily skin and I wasn’t looking at the underlying dehydration. As you know, I have been addressing this more lately and that’s why I bought this serum. Firstly, the packaging is beautiful, it looks like a potion bottle which I love, it smells really good and you only need one pump to cover your whole face. I didn’t think one pump would work as its a very runny serum but one pump really does the job. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue on your skin like a lot of serums do and it makes your skin feel plump and hydrated. Love it. 

Urban Decay Naked Flushed – Native


I bought this a few months ago but not really used it, I ordered it online and when it came I was a little intimidated my how bright the blush is. This month though, I’ve been loving it, I’ve learnt how to make it work for my skin tone and it’s really made a difference to my opinion. I bought the original Naked Flushed palette when it first came out and I loved it and used it all, this one has now finally grown on me. What I love about these palettes is that you get 3 products in one, bronzer, highlighter and blush. The bronzer in here is a little orange and it does have a shimmer to it, I personally like that but it may not suit others, it’s not a contour shade so don’t buy it for that but it’s good for bronzing the face. The highlighter is a beautiful champagne white and it’s intense! Use a light hand and tap off the excess. So the blush, hmmm this is what I didn’t really like in the product, it’s a very bright pink and it’s a flat blush, in the sense that it has no shimmer or anything, it’s just matte pink which I really didn’t like, the first time I used it I looked like a clown. All 3 swirled together though make the most beautiful blush shade and that’s what has been on my cheeks this month when I’m not tanned. 

Left to right – bronzer, highlighter, blush, all 3 swirled together

So that’s all the things I have been loving this month, skincare has been my main focus and my skin is looking better than it has done in a while. Let me know in the comments what your favourite products have been this month. Please like this post and follow my blog and also check out my Facebook page too ❤ http://www.facebook.com/stephaniealexandra88

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