Vichy Pureté Thermale Beautifying Cleansing Micellar Oil Review

Hello everyone! As promised, here is my full review of Vichy’s new cleansing oil 🙂 I’m really late on the cleansing oil bandwagon, I really didn’t understand the hype. The thought of putting an oil in my face completely grossed me out, I thought it would clog up my pores, give me more spots etc so I just stuck to my micellar water and was very happy. One day though, when I was cleaning by makeup brushes, I always use oil on my brushes that have stubborn cream products on (think Anastasia Dipbrow) I realised that oil is an amazing makeup remover so I thought I would have a look around which is when I found the Vichy one. The fact that it is a micellar oil is what really caught my eye, you all know how much I love my micellar waters to remove my makeup so I thought I would give it a try. 

You can find it on or in Boots, it comes in a 125ml bottle which doesn’t sound like much but I’ll get back to that and it retails full price at £13.75, I got mine on offer though so paid less than £10. The first time I tried it I had a full face of makeup on, Anastasia Dipbrow, Benefit They’re Real mascara, eyeshadow, L’Oreal Infalliable foundation – you get the drift – makeup that is notorisously difficult to remove, so naturally, I was very dubious that the product would remove all my makeup. 

The packaging is very sleek, as all Vichy products are, and the oil itself has a lovely light fresh fragrance that’s not overpowering at all, I hate facial products that have are highly scented. The instructions advise you to apply 3 drops of the oil into your hands, this confused me, it’s probably me just having a moment but it’s in a pump bottle so it’s difficult to get drops out. I used one pump but found it wasn’t enough but two pumps is perfect. I rubbed the product between my hands and then rubbed it all over my cheeks to start with and was amazed how quickly it broke down my foundation, I moved the product up over my brows and the Dipbrow broke down quicker than I’ve ever seen before. Then it came to the eye makeup, I gently massaged the product over the eyes and felt my mascara just melting away, something that I have never seen before. It’s really gentle on the eyes too, I can actually open my eyes whilst working with the product and it’s doesn’t burn or feel uncomfortable like every other makeup remover I’ve used. Even micellar waters made my eyes sting if there was too much on the cotton pad. 

So once all the makeup is broken down, you need to wet your hands and then massage over the face again which turns the oil into a milky consistency and then rinse off. I use a towel to then quickly go over my eyes and then pat my face dry and voilà! Completely makeup free eyes and skin that feels so soft and supple. 

This product has completely changed my views on cleansing oils, I have been using this product solid for 2 weeks every evening as my first cleanse and my skin hasn’t broken out like I thought it would and I find it a much quicker and easier way to remove my makeup. So move over micellar waters, this is the new thing for me!

Quickly going back to the amount you get, 125ml really doesn’t sound like a lot, considering you can buy the Garnier Micellar Water in a 400ml bottle for around £5, but I have been using this as I said, solid for 2 weeks and as you can see below, not much has gone and it will last a while, I’m thinking I’ll get a few months out of this whereas the micellar waters would last me a month. 

If you were thinking of buying this product, I hope my review has given you more information on how the product works. The fact that it broke down They’re Real astounded me! Please note that the views are completely my own and I have written this review after testing this over a period of time on my own skin. Don’t forget to like and subscribe ❤

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