Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture Palette Review

Hello everyone! As promised, here is my full review of the new and very coveted, ABH Shadow Couture palette. I have loved ABH brow products for a while now but have never tried and of her shadows as shipping to the UK was pretty expensive, and I really don’t like paying a lot for shipping! I’ve always missed the limited edition palettes that have been released and was so happy that I managed to get my hands on this one to see if the shadows really are worth the hype. I paid Β£23.00 for the palette from and got free shipping πŸ™‚ and it arrived within 2 days! 

The palette itself looks beautiful and very classy, it’s made out of cardboard and has a magnetic closure that isn’t so strong it starts to rip the cardboard apart. It contains 12 shadows which are a mixture of matte, shimmer and sparkly and also has a double ended brush, so let’s talk about the shades:

Soft Peach

This is a matte shade that is the perfect warm transition shade. I have been using this with my Sigma E40 brush to sweep all over the upper crease area and to help with blending. I really like this one, it not chalky and blends beautifully. 


Another matte shade which I have been using as my crease colour when wearing warm eye looks. It’s a medium toned pinky redish brown, is very pigmented and a little goes a long way so I have found it best to add a little at a time. 


This is a beautiful dark purple with peach and pink micro glitter. This will look beautiful when wearing an autumn smoky eye. I’ve not tried this out yet but it’s very pigmented and stains my hand when I swatch it. 


I love this colour! It’s a really pretty peachy gold shimmer which isn’t too much and you could wear as an everyday shade all over the lid. Again, very pigmented and looks beautiful. 

Pink Champagne

This is probably the most shimmery metallic foiled eyeshadow that I own. Just one swatch and you have this lovely pinky taupe that you can apply as a thin layer to add some sparkle or apply a few layers or even apply it wet and you have such an intense colour that is very unique. What I like about this is that it has that really metallic look but without tonnes of glitter. 


I’m not too keen on this shade, it’s probably the least pigmented in the palette and really doesn’t show up as brightly as it does in the pan. It looks like a bright metallic sliver, but it comes out quite sheer. This would look good when layered over another shadow to add a little shimmer. 


This shade is similar to Bellini but instead of being shimmery, it contains gold micro glitter. I thought this was going to be my favourite shade but when I put it on my eyes, it didn’t apply well at all and the glitter just falls out like crazy even when I’ve tapped the excess off my brush and used patting motions to apply. I ended up going over it with Bellini as you couldn’t see this shade at all. 


Back to the matte shades, this is a dark chocolatey brown which I have been using to add depth to the outer V of my eyes. This is really pigmented, use a light hand! The first time I used it I thought I had ruined my eye makeup but with a lot of blending, I got it looking how I wanted it to. 


This is a stunning deep midnight metallic blue, not very pigmented so you have to add a few layers to get the colour you need but I think that’s better with darker shades as you can always add more but it’s harder to take away. 

Intense Gaze

I think I’d describe this as a metallic pinky bronze… It’s a pretty unique colour that is very pigmented and looks lovely when applied on the lids with fudge on the outer V to darken it up and add definition. 


This is what’s on my lids today πŸ™‚ I love this colour. It’s a metallic green gold that’s very buttery and creamy and blends very easily. This will look great with warm or cool toned eye makeup and you can really layer it up to increase the intensity of the colour. 


A very pigmented matte black shade. I am not big into blacks to be honest, I don’t like my eye makeup to be that dark but if you are a person that uses black, this is super black!

Left to right: soft peach, morocco, heirloom, bellini, pink champagne, chic, spoiled, fudge, azure, intense gaze, metallic, noir. 

My honest opinion on this palette? I really like it and I am very impressed by the quality of the shadows. I like how there is a variety of matte, shimmer/glitter and metallic shades and you can create a lot of different looks with just the one palette instead of reaching for other shades to finish the look. The one thing that it is missing in my opinion is a highlighting shade. The majority of the shadows are really good quality, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know the only shadows that I use are Urban Decay but these really are quite comparable to them, they are creamy and buttery and blend really easily. The brush in the palette isn’t great, I used the black fluffy side and it’s quite scratchy, sheds a lot and doesn’t blend very well at all, but I have found this is the case with brushes that are included in palettes – they don’t ever appear to be on par with the brushes that brands produce as single products. 

If you are looking at buying this palette, I do recommend it, but don’t go and pay a lot of money for it. I first saw it on for Β£24 and it sold out within a day, I then saw it on Amazon the same day and was Β£56! If you can’t get hold of it, buy one of the Naked Basics palettes and a few single shadows to get the pops of colour. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’ll be back soon ❀

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6 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture Palette Review

  1. I love fudge and Morocco!!😍 I really want to try some ABH brow products, but I don’t know what shade id be! Please check out my blog, I post nail art tutorials etc xx

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      1. You can make dipbrow dramatic but you can also do quite natural brows with it too depending on how much you use, I use it every day and once you’re used to working with it, it’s really easy to use. I love your nail art designs, so pretty! Have subscribed to your blog 😊 xx

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