Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Hello everyone, so I just thought I would do a quick post on what I use to clean my makeup brushes. I see so many people doing videos and blog posts on how they clean their makeup brushes and there is no real wrong way to do it, each to their own but what I have noticed increasingly is how few people actually use an antibacterial in their brush cleaning routine. 

When cleaning your brushes, you need to bear in mind that you aren’t doing it to literally just get the product off it, you need to clean out any bacteria that is in there too. As brushes are put into product, put on your face and eyes repeatedly, more and more bacteria is building up in the hairs. It’s disgusting I know, but if you are suffering from acne and you don’t clean you face brushes on a regular basis, chances are, it’s making your acne worse. The same goes for eye brushes, if you are getting eye infections regularly, change you mascara, snap the ends off your eye pencils and sharpen then down a bit and give your brushes a good clean. 

I clean my brushes religiously once a week, I even have a reminded set on my phone to do it! The number one thing that I use to clean my brushes is….. Just plain old antibacterial liquid soap – preferably a moisturising one. At the moment I am using a Dettol hand wash in my bathroom and that’s what is being used to clean my brushes. Unless you are a free lance makeup artist, I don’t see the point in spending a fortune on quick drying makeup brush cleaners, just time when you can clean them. I do mine on a Sunday morning after I’ve applied my makeup so then they have almost 24 hours to dry. 

If you use baby shampoo to clean your brushes because it keeps them soft, keep doing that but clean them with an antibacterial agent first, baby shampoo isn’t going to kill any build up of bacteria. If I feel my brushes are a little dry, I apply some hair conditioner to them after I’ve washed them. Another quick point, if you fill up your sink to clean your brushes, give them a rinse out with fresh clean water from the tap once you’ve finished cleaning them, otherwise you’re just ‘cleaning’ them in dirty water. 



So what I do is:

  • Wet the brush
  • Apply a pump of antibacterial hand wash
  • Massage the hand wash into the bristles thoroughly 
  • Rinse very well in clean water
  • If you have a build up of product – I find my powder brush gets pretty dirty – repeat the steps again until the water round clear
  • If you have been using cream products on your brushes, massage some oil into the bristles (olive oil for example) this really quickly breaks down stubborn products, rinse it out in hot water and then apply the soap
  • Sometimes after regular cleaning, brushes can feel a little dry, if this is the case, apply some hair conditioner – whatever you are using on your hair at the moment – apply this as the final step after you have cleaned them and make sure you rinse it out well in hot water

A quick tip for cleaning makeup sponges like the Beauty Blender or Real Techniques Sponge is to use the oil method mentioned above. When I first bought my Real Techniques Sponge I had such a nightmare getting my foundation out of it until I tried using oil on it and it cut down the cleaning time so so much!


I hope you have enjoyed this post everyone. It wasn’t aimed at putting people down if they use any of the products or methods I’ve mentioned, it is to help you all to know that you need to clean your brushes in a hygienic way. 

Take care everyone and I’ll be back soon ❀

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