Urban Decay Brow Tamer Review

Hello everyone! A few weeks ago I posted a picture on my Facebook account of a sneak peak of some products I had ordered from feelunique.com and if you looked closely, you would have seen this little number. 

One thing Urban Decay have been missing in their product range is good brow products. Yes they have had their Brow Box for a few years but that really didn’t interest me too much but now they have upped their brow game and it has not disappointed, so this is my first post in a two part review of their new brow products. 

I’ve not had much luck with brow gels, granted I have only used high street products but I haven’t found one that has wowed me, or even worked well and I knew that this one was being released so I have held back from buying anything else as I wanted to try this so so much! 

First things first – packaging. As always, Urban Decay have not disappointed, the outer box is a beautiful ombré black to metallic purple with silver type, very sleek and elegant looking. Once you are in the box, the product itself is a high shine metallic purple which again is very sleek. 

Now to the product, it has a long thin bristled brush which at first didn’t think would be that great but this brush is awesome. It’s the only brow gel that I have used that actually gets into the brow hairs and you can evenly distribute the product through the brow hair, not just on the tips of the hairs. I bought the colour Taupe as I have blonde hair and it’s a great match. Be aware when using this product that it apples quite wet if that makes sense?? You can see the gel in the brows but don’t panic – once it dries it holds the brows in place, it doesn’t feel horrible and crispy like some gels can and it actually keeps the hairs in place ALL day. Another thing I noticed which I liked is that it doesn’t get everywhere when you apply it which I think is down to the brush. There is nothing worse than doing your brows and getting a blob of brow gel where it shouldn’t be. 

So in a nutshell, this is a fabulous product that has really impressed me, I love how easy it is to apply, the hold that it gives and the packaging is pretty too 🙂 and at £15.00 it’s not too expensive. 

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