Urban Decay Brow Beater Review

Hello everyone, welcome to part two of my review of Urban Decay’s new brow products 🙂 last week I reviewed their brow tamer which I love and this week we are getting into their new brow pencil. As I said in my last post, Urban Decay have really got into the brow game and so far they haven’t disappointed. 

This appears to be another product that is looking like a dupe for the cult favourite Anastasia Brow Wiz. It’s a microfine pencil on one end and it has a spooly on the other. The packaging is the same purple to black metallic ombré with silver type and it looks stunning and product inside is the signature metallic purple that easily distinguishes it as an Urban Decay product. 

 urban decay brow beater 
I bought this in the shade taupe as it is the best shade for blondes and I can happily say it’s a good match. There isn’t the shade range that Anastasia has which is ok for me as I only need taupe but it’s wouldn’t be great for red heads or people with more auburn hair as there’s only four shades. 

I’ve been using this product for around 2/3 weeks now and I think it’s fab! It’s waxy but it’s creamy at the same time, strange I know. It’s waxy enough to apply the product very precisely and it’s creamy and blends easily. It also has a super fine tip do you can draw in individual hairs. This stays on ALL day, I’ve used several different brow pencils and  had one that I thought was a good high street alternative to the Brow Wiz, only to realise that half way through my day at work it would wear off without me touching it. This one really stays in place until I remove it, it gives a lovely natural finish but you can bui the product up if you prefer a stronger brow. The spooly on this is also very good and blends the product without completely removing it. 

 urban decay brow beater 
Other than the packaging and a slightly different spooly, this product to me is the same as Anastasia’s Brow Wiz. Price wise, they both sit at £15.00 so it’s not like it’s a cheaper dupe but if you can’t easily access Anastaisa products, try this one out, you won’t be disappointed 🙂 I am so happy that Urban Decay have widened their brow range!

Let me know your thoughts on this product if you’ve tried it. Please like this post if you liked and and don’t forget to follow my blog ❤

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