Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review

The foundation hunt – after having some serious issues with my foundation separating on my face within 2/3 hours of application, I knew something was wrong. It was awful being in a busy office at work and your makeup looking like shit for pretty much all of the day. I have oily skin, really oily skin and even using blotting powder didn’t help as when I used it, the foundation that was still left on my face would come off on the powder puff. So what’s a girl to do??
I have tried pretty much all of the high street branded foundations but could never commit to buying a high end £30+ foundation because I just thought it would be a waste of money. I mean I would easily go out and buy a new eyeshadow pallete for £40 because I’d have something that will last a long time whereas foundation is used every day and you use it up within a few months. But the foundation struggle was getting too much (first world problems I know!) and I didn’t enjoy doing my makeup anymore so off I went to Boots and Debenhams to get colour matched! 
I knew I wanted to try Estée Lauder Double Wear so that was the first counter I went to, the lady colour matched me and sent me home with a sample to try out – I didn’t want to commit to spending £30 on something that wasn’t going to work. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t have high hopes as everything I have used always ended up not working out for me which is why I wanted the sample to try in normal conditions, under the heavy lighting at work and to test out the longevity as I have my face on for around 12 hours a day. 

The little sample I got lasted well over a week and I have to say, I was so impressed I ended up buying the full size. 

 estee lauder double wear 
So let’s get into the product – this is a medium coverage that you can easily build up to full coverage. When building it you need to apply thin layers otherwise it will go really cakey. The consistency was much thinner than I expected, I really thought it was going to be thick and sticky but I was pleasantly surprised. I use a damp Real Techniques sponge to apply this it blends so easily into the skin and very quickly too. This is a very matte foundation but it doesn’t have a powdery finish which I really like, you kind of feel the foundation set on your face and it doesn’t feel tacky or wet at all so you could actually get away with not setting this with a powder if you aren’t using and more powders on top (blush, bronzer etc).

Packaging wise, it’s a lovely frosted glass bottle with a gold lid and type which looks luxurious and expensive (which it is) but – and this is a big but – it doesn’t have a pump which I don’t understand how higher end foundations that cost £30 up can’t have a pump but you can pick up a high street foundation for less than £10 and it has a pump?? I got over this though, my hands are always clean when I do my makeup and to be honest, I found that I don’t really waste as much as you are more aware of how much you are using. 

 estee lauder double wear 
Now to the performance – as I’ve already said, this has very good coverage and it’s pretty natural looking considering this. What sold me on this foundation though is that it really lasts on the skin. No more separated foundation on my face, no more settling into any expression lines and I hardly ever have to powder my chin and nose. This has really changed how I view high end foundations. One thing that I must really express though is that you have to double cleanse to remove this foundation properly. I double cleanse anyway and if you’re wearing foundation or an SPF then you should practice this religiously to get rid of all traces of the products on your face. 

Who would I recommend this product for? People with oily to normal skin. I used a benzoyl peroxide cream on some spots I had which dried out the surrounding skin and this foundation clung like hell to those areas and I couldn’t for the life of me get it to look good! 

Having said all this, Double Wear isn’t my perfect foundation. Even though I double cleanse I have a lot more clogged pores than I used to before I used this product and because my pores are blocked, I’m breaking out more so the hunt for the perfect foundation will continue. Take care everyone and I’ll be back soon 💗

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