La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel Cleanser Review

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a great weekend! Today I am reviewing La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar Foaming Gel Cleanser. If you read my last post, you’d know that I am having skin troubles again, which I think is down to the foundation that I had been using so I thought I would give this cleanser a go to help deep clean my pores and remove all traces of Estée Lauder Double Wear. 

 la roche posay effaclar 
This cleanser is widely available in the UK and retails for £11.50 for 200ml, I bought mine from (as usual) when there was an event on so I bought it for quite a lot less. La Roche-Posay is a brand that is targeted at people with sensitive skin and contains thermal spa water within all their products to help soothe the skin. This product in particular boasts that it is soap free, colour free, paraben free and alcohol free which all sounds great, so let’s get into the product. 

The first thing I noticed about this product was that it’s quite difficult to get the gel out of the packaging, it’s not a hard plastic but it’s difficult to get out! It’s a clear gel and has quite a distinct smell that I don’t think everyone will like. I used this cleanser as my second cleanse after I had used my Vichy Micellar Cleansing Oil while my face was still damp and it foamed up and looked like it removed any traces of makeup I had left. 

After a few weeks of use, my skin started to actually look worse than it did before and it had become very dry after I’d used this product which is something I’ve never suffered from before – I have very oily skin so this was literally stripping my skin of any oil that I had. That may sound good to you oily girls reading this but it wasn’t, my skin felt really tight, uncomfortable and I started having problems with my foundation again as my skin was so dry. I have even invested in an oil to help replenish my skin which again is something I never thought I would do. 

As my skin has become so irritated and inflamed, this product has gone to the bin of products that don’t work for me and I’ve gone back to using Simple Spotless Skin Facial Wash and already my skin seems to be healing up (with a little help from medicated cream) and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I have got some new foundation samples to try and find something that will suit me a little better. 

As I always say, skincare is a very personal thing and as this product doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t mean that it won’t for you but I do recommend that if you try this product and you see your skin getting worse, don’t think that it’s ‘purging’ and continue to use it, stop and try something else. 

So that’s everything for today guys, apologies that it’s not a good review, I want to be honest and share my thoughts of how something has worked for me. Take care and I’ll be back soon ❤

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