A Day With Crohn’s Disease

Hi everyone, so this post is going to be completely different to what I normally write about. In honour of Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week, I’m going to write about how a ‘normal’ day is for me with Crohn’s disease.  crohns and colitis awareness 
So my alarm goes off and I still feel exhausted even though I’ve had a good nights sleep. This has become completely normal for me, I feel exhausted almost all the time, but I get up and put my makeup on and push myself to get through the day. I make myself a cup of tea, take my immunosuppressants and antispasmodic tablets and start getting ready. While putting my makeup on the pain starts, the horrible griping pain that feeling like your intestines are being ripped out, it’s not as intense as it can be but I have to get pain killers to take the edge off as I have two driving lessons today and need to be able to function a bit better. 
 crohns disease 
Whilst waiting for my instructor to pick me up I start to get anxious as its a two hour lesson and I really don’t want to feel bad when in my lesson. Learning to drive whilst being in pain is not great. My legs are aching and so are my feet – another effect of Crohn’s disease that isn’t well known and that has started to gradually get worse. Today is a better day for my joints though as I’m not limping but it’s still uncomfortable. 

Thankfully my first lesson went well so back home I get to chill out a bit and stretch my legs off and watch Greys Anatomy (I’m binge watching this at the moment!) I also used my £50 feelunique.com voucher that I won which cheered me up! 

The pain in my stomach wore off during my lesson and by mid afternoon my legs felt much better and my second driving lesson went well too, just before my lesson though, I realised today was injection day… Back in August my consultant decided that he wanted to put me on a new type of medication that is a biological agent that suppresses the immune system in a hope that my body will stop attacking itself. Now once a fortnight I have to inject myself either in my leg or my stomach and it hurts like fucking hell! The needle going in to the skin doesn’t hurt but when the liquid goes in… Ouch! And for a good while after, ouch! I’ve just finished my injection now I’m writing this. In an hour I have to take my tablet form immunosuppressant too (because one type apparently isn’t enough.)

 humira crohns disease

On the outside, I look like a completely ‘normal’ person. You wouldn’t think that I live everyday in pain and have to take all this medication in a hope that it will make it better. Not all illnesses and disabilities are visible to others. Having said that, today wasn’t actually that bad of a day, I’ve been in pain but it’s not been no where near as bad as it can be. 

Thank you for reading this guys, I am working on a post about my diagnosis and how I got through some really tough times to how I am now. For more information on Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative Colitis, visit http://www.crohnsandcolitis.org.uk this site has helped me so much and given me a lot of information that the doctors don’t give you. 

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