Bourjois Rouge Edition Lip Velvet Review

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today I am reviewing the Bourjois Rouge Edition Lip Velvets, so let’s get started. 

Liquid lipstick is one of the very few makeup products I’ve steered clear of. I have dry lips and have to apply lip balm repeatedly throughout the day so the thought of applying a product that is known for having a drying effect sealed the deal for me and I’ve not tried a single one, even though they do look beautiful and amazing and have stunning colours! 

I really wanted a product that would have a bit more longevity than a standard lip stick or gloss and after looking at the Bourjois Lip Velvets and seeing videos on YouTube I thought I would maybe give them a try. They retail at £8.99 and have a range of shades from nudes to reds and pinks. I got the shades 03 Hot Pepper which is kind of an orangey red and 05 Olé Flamingo which is a vibrant blue toned pink that looks a little mauve in some lights. Both of these shades are completely out of my comfort zone but I fancied a change. 

 bourjois lip velvet 
I really like the packaging on these, they are a hard plastic with a black type and detailing and the lid colour matches the shade inside which isn’t something I’ve seen frequently. One downfall of the packaging is that it scuffs quite easily in your handbag so they look worn in pretty quickly. They have a flocked doe foot applicator which is slanted for ease of application and I have to say, they are much easier to apply than I thought they would be. The shades that I got are ones that can easily go wrong when applying but so far I haven’t had any issues! 

 bourjois lip velvet 
Formula wise, these are like nothing I have ever felt before. They actually have a velvet like feel to them which is so strange at first as it’s a completely new sensation but it’s a good sensation. They also have amazing pigmentation, I can completely cover both lips without having to go back in for more product, I do like to go in and pull a little bit more out to intensify a little more. 

 bourjois lip velvet

Left 03 Hot Pepper, Right 05 Olé Flamingo 
Now let’s get into longevity and how this feels after wearing for a few hours. Bourjois claim that this is a 24 hour formula but I have to disagree on that, it does last a very long time compared to a standard lipstick, personally it lasted around 6 hours and that’s with eating and drinking but even then I still had a stain on my lips. It didn’t crack or bleed or go on my teeth which are all good in my opinion. I didn’t find these drying on my lips but that may be down to the fact that the product doesn’t completely dry down. It still has a matte finish but it doesn’t set so it’s good for anyone that has lines in their lips like I do. When I came to taking my makeup off after wearing the product for around 10/12 hours I still had a stain on my lips which came off with my usual cleansing oil. 

I have to say, I really like these Lip Velvets. They are a great product for someone who wants a lipstick with more staying power but doesn’t want to go down the more traditional liquid lipstick formula. They are also very good for the price so I am going to pick up a few more in everyday wearable shades. A big thumbs up from me Bourjois! (After quickly checking on the Boots website I have seen that Bourjois have now come out with Aqua Laque Liquid Lipstick so I think they’re next on my list too!) Taks care everyone and I’ll back soon ❤

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      1. That’s why I want to try their 12 hr formula in the lipstick. It feels great when I swatched it in store. We don’t have Boots here or I’d be stocking up on these. That sale sounds great! Hope you find lots of goodies!

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