February 2016 UK Birchbox

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I know it’s been a while but I thought I’d give you a little info on that. January was a pretty crap month for me to be fair, I had some serious car issues, my Crohn’s disease is flaring up which just makes everything worse and I’m on a very strict no buy! My blog is going to be quiet for a few months which I’m really sad about as my blog has grown so much in the past few months and that’s all down to you guys so thank you. Follow me on Instagram as I’ll be more active on there during this period but please bear with me and I will be back up and running fully in a few months time. 

Anyway, back to business, the February Birchbox: while I am on a no buy, this is my little treat that I’ve kept going and I was so happy when this arrived today you would not believe it! This months’ box is following on from last month’s theme of BEST. YEAR. EVER. and is ‘encouraging you to shine bright like a diamond’ the box contains two full size items so let’s get into them. 

 february 2016 uk birchbox 
Elsor Firming Collagen Day Cream

 elsor collagen day cream 

I love the packaging on this one considering it’s a sample! It is deceiving though as there’s only 10ml of product inside. That being said, this feels like a really luxurious cream which reminds me of an Elemis one I tried a few months ago but richer. This contains marine collagen which designed to boost moisture and radiance to the skin. The full size of this product retails for £50.00. 

Thebalm Frat Boy Shadow / Blush

 the balm frat boy 

This is so freaking cute! I’ve seen these mini balm products on YouTube and loved them but they’re even cuter in real life. This is a matte coral / pink blush which can be used as an eyeshadow, it’s not really a colour I’d use as a shadow though. That being put aside, for something so small this has great pigmentation, doesn’t have any powder kick up and feels lovely and smooth. Full size retails at £15.50. 

LOC One and Done Shadow Stick – Champage Problems

 loc shadow stick champagne problems 

The first full sized product in this month’s box is this eyeshadow stick. Last month I got an email asking which shade I wanted and I opted for this stunning Champage shimmery colour as I thought I would get the most use out of it. I am so suprised at how creamy and pigmented this product is and the staying power is insane. This looks awesome as a day to day lid colour, you can just swipe it on, blend it out a bit with your finger and that’s it. And for £8.00 this is a really great product, I can’t wait for more shades to be available online. 

Ayres Body Butter – Patagonia

 ayres body butter 

This product looks like something out of an early 1900s chemist or something, it looks really retro. So this is an extremely thick body butter that absorbs very quickly considering the consistency. It contains a load of natural ingredients and oils and it would be amazing but I don’t really like the smell of it, it’s very herbal which I don’t like too much for body products. Full size retails at £19.50. 

Spectrum Tapered Powder Brush

 spectrum powder brush 

I have seen these brushes everywhere on social media and it’s more stunning in really life than I thought it would be. I thought when I’d seen pictures online that these brushes were all duo fibre but they’re not, they’re ombré bristles and it looks so pretty! The shape is similar to the Sigma Tapered Highlighter brush which I have been eyeing for a while and now I don’t want it because this is prettier! The only down side of this, which isn’t really a bad thing, but the handle is very light in weight and I prefer a bit more weight to a brush, otherwise this is perfection. And it retails at £7.99, I can’t think of a better word than perfection! I need more of these. 

Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris

 style de paris 

I’m very picky with perfumes so I wasn’t expecting much when I smelt this but this is a beautiful fresh Spring fragrance. I’m no good at describing scents so I’m going to quote a little from the card ‘sophisticated yet fruity, mandarin, red grapefruit and pear’ if it wasn’t so expensive (£50.00 for 30ml) I’d give this one a try full size but I’m probably going to give it a miss. 

This month’s box has been such a hit for me, I’ve loved it so much. It has such a great variety of products and I can’t wait to use them in my routine. What did you think of this month’s box? Did you get any different products? Take care everyone and I’ll be back soon, follow me on Instagram as I’ll be more active there than my blog ❤

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