March 2016 UK Birchbox

Hello everyone! So today we have my March Birchbox unboxing, can’t believe it March already, I was confused when the delivery man came, I was thinking ‘I’ve not ordered anything’ because it seems only a few days ago that my February box came. Anyway, as always there’s 6 products in the box ranging from 2 full size items to sample sizes. If you’re unfamiliar with how Birchbox works, you pay £12.95 a month and get a selection of makeup, skincare and hair care products delivered to your door as a nice little to me, love me present every month. 

 march 2016 uk birchbox 
This month’s box has a big word search printed on the front, I’ve not seen a word search in years! But I feel it’s a little bland, the aim of this month’s box is for Birchbox to help you search for your new beauty discovery so I get where they’re going with the idea, it just didn’t wow me personally. That being said, let’s get into the products! 

Polaar – Polar Night Cream

 polaar night cream 

This is a night cream designed to help smooths the skin and fill it with oxygen. On the little leaflet it states ‘enriched with ingredients that react to the light of the moon…’ I don’t mean to sound sceptical but, I don’t know anyone that sleeps bathed in moonlight so that seems like a very strange claim to make! Nevertheless, I will try this out but the claims don’t make me want to really run out and buy the full size. 

Beauty Protector – Beauty Wash

 beauty protector beauty wash 

I got a sample of the body cream from this range a while ago and adored the scent so I’m really happy to have been sent this. The smell is kind of a vanilla musky scent and I find it beautiful. This is an item I would look at buying the full size but at £10.90 it’s pretty expensive…

Philip B – Drop Dead Straightening Baume

 philip b straightening 

My hair is naturally quite poofy, not so much frizzy but poofy so this will be nice to try out to see if it helps tame it out. It also claims to shorten blow drying time and if that’s true, I will be a very happy lady! 

Arrow – BOOST Color Enhancing Balm

 arrow lip balm 

This is a new brand created by Birchbox and the product I think is a spin off of the iconic Dior Lip Glow but a more budget friendly version. This lip balm reacts to the PH levels in your lips to create your own signature shade of pink. I loved the idea of this but I really didn’t like how it looked on my lips, I was hoping for a quite light pink but it turned really dark on me and also, if you don’t apply very carefully to your lips and go over the lip line, it changes colour anywhere else you apply it, making for a very sloppy appearance. I was so disappointed but it’s shown me that these kind of colour change products are not for me. 

Number 4 – Lumiere d’hiver Reconstructing Masque

 number 4 masque 

I do love a good hair mask and I would have liked more than a single use sachet but this contains soy protein and shea butter to nourish the hair. Can’t say anything more about this as I can’t open it without destroying the packaging but this will be used tonight. 

ModelCo – More Brows

 model co more brows 

At first glance I thought this was Benefit Gimme Brow and after looking at it and reading the info card, it’s pretty much the same thing only cheaper (£13.00). This contains fibres to help fill the brows and holds them in place. I love the tiny little applicator which is so precise and the shade light/medium matches me perfectly. I tried this out this morning and you really feel this set so I though it might be a bit crunchy but that’s not the case, I really like this so far. 

Overall, this is the first box I’ve had from Birchbox that hasn’t really excited me. I like the brow gel and body wash but the other items are lacking a wow factor for me which is a little disappointing. I’ve seen some pictures on Instagram and other people have had much more interesting products, I feel like I was sent a dud box. 

What products did you receive this month? Let me know in the comments! Take care and I’ll be back soon ❤ 

Ps: I will update you all soon as to why I haven’t been blogging as much 😊

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5 thoughts on “March 2016 UK Birchbox

    1. I would have preferred that moisturising gel than the night cream that I got. I have oily skin and I have filled in my profile so not sure why I got the night cream over that one…. I thought this box was a little disappointing this month which was a shame. I’ve seen a lot of reviews of the March glossybox and it looked so much better! Thanks for reading 😊 xx

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