Manicure Monday 21.03.2016

Hello everyone, and I am finally back! So today I am sharing with you what’s on my nails this week as its been so long since I shared a Manicure Monday post. If you follow me on Instagram (@stephaniealexandrablogs) then you would have seen that my boyfriend bought me a beautiful set of OPI mini polishes for my birthday, the OPI All Star set which contains a wonderful mixture of ten shades ranging from a deep purpley black to a soft nude pinky peach. 

Today I was feeling bright colours so I slapped on Strawberry Margarita which for me is a true Barbie style pink. It has great pigmentation and you could probably get away with using one coat of colour if you used a decent base coat underneath. Alas, I do not have have a decent base coat so two coats of colour got the shade to this opacity. 

 opi strawberry margarita 
I was also feeling the need for a little sparkle so I added Princesses Rule! on my thumbs and ring fingers. This shade is a very pale baby pink and has a lot of shimmer running through it, over the top of Strawberry Margarita you can only really see the shimmer which is what I was looking for. I only needed one coat the get the shade how I wanted it to look. 

 opi strawberry margarita princesses rule 
As always, I topped everything off with Seche Vite top coat to add a beautiful shine (and to get them to dry quicker!)

That’s all for today guys, take care and I’ll be back on Friday ❤

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