YSL Fusion Ink Foundation Review

Hello everyone and welcome back! So you all know by now my search for the perfect foundation, I have tried so many but still can’t settle on one that does it all for me. I had tried a sample of the YSL Fusion Ink foundation twice and as my acne has started to clear up I decided that it was time to bite the bullet and buy the full size, and it was a massive mistake. 

First things first, as always lets talk packaging. Mine is pretty bashed up as this is how a received it back from YSL so please excuse this! The outer box is very luxe and minimalistic with the gold and then black type, the product has frosted glass with shiny black sections and a gold lid with the YSL logo on, it looks a bit Art Deco to me. When you take the lid off you then unscrew a second lid which holds the applicator and then you get into the foundation. 

 ysl fusion ink foundation 
The applicator is claimed to hold just the right amount of product to help ease the application process but I found that it was messy and just not really a great feature, it made a mess even applying it to the back of my hand, I kind of understand why they did this as its such a thin foundation a pump wouldn’t really work but a dropper would have been perfect for the consistancey. 

YSL claim that this foundation is “hybrid technology for a texture that feels as light and fine as ink and as concealing as a classic foundation. Ultra smooth texture glides on effortlessly with an ideal concealing power, the formula melts into the skin for an even, perfectly matte complexion.”

 ysl fusion ink foundation 
The texture of this product is like nothing I have ever tried before, it’s so thin and feels beautiful when you apply it, it’s like stroking your face with velvet due to the fact that it is silicone based and not water based like you would first think. It also smells amazing, if they made the scentthat is in this foundation into a perfume, I would wear it!

I’m sure you’re wondering now why I said in the first paragraph why it was a mistake that I bought this, well let’s get fully into application. This foundation is the most difficult product ever to blend! It streaks when you apply it with a brush or your fingers, don’t even bother using a Beauty Blender as because it’s so thin, it just gets absorbed into the sponge. When applying it clings to your pores horrendously no matter what you do to try and rectify it. I have oily skin and it clings to my face and makes me look like I am covered in scales of dry skin which no other foundation has ever done. 

 ysl fusion ink foundation 
The longevity of this product actually disgusts me, within an hour this product will start to separate on the face and leave pools of foundation in patches along with the dry scales that I have just mentioned. When you try to blot the oil away, the foundation just comes off and if you try to powder over it you will end up with thick heavy patches of powder on your face (it’s really hard to describe how bad this looks)

This foundation cos £31.50 for 25ml, so needless to say, I want my money back. I contacted YSL to inform them how disappointed I was as I bought this on the back of a recommendation of YSL staff. They asked me to send the product to them for it to be tested and it was sent back to me. They sent an email saying that there was nothing wrong with it, and that I should try a different moisturiser. They didn’t even put a compliments slip or a note in the envelope when they sent it back which I think is pretty disappointing for a global brand. I use the same skincare products that I use with other foundations and they work just fine and I don’t have the issues I have had with this product. I even went out and bought not one, but two different primers to try and get this product to work for me and still it performs the same as before. This is for sure the worst foundation I have ever used and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. 

Have you tried this foundation? Did it work for you? Let me know in the comments any tips you have to make it work as I would be really intrigued to try them. Take care and I’ll be back soon ❤

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