Stila Aqua Glow Primer Review

Hello everyone and welcome back! Today I am reviewing for you the Stila Aqua Glow Primer, this is a product that to be honest, I’ve not seen about much in the blogging / YouTube world. I bought this as I was having major issues with a foundation that I had bought and was hoping that this would make a difference. This product costs ยฃ20.00 for 19g of product which is average I think for a high end primer, difficult to say as this is in grams and not millilitres but I was fine with the price ๐Ÿ™‚

As always, packaging first. The outer box is pretty small and when this arrived I was a little put off by how small this lovely looking box was. It’s a matte gold with standard shiny gold details and black type, it looks more expensive than it is (even though it’s small!) the product itself it housed in a matte gold tube and has shiny gold type, not gonna lie, it looks like a fancy glue stick! 

 stila aqua glow primer 
The product itself is as you probably guessed, a solid stick that you swipe over the face. And it’s blue! Thankfully the blue doesn’t transfer onto your skin! This primer is like nothing I’ve ever used before, when you put it into your face it’s so cooling and I find it great in the morning as it helps wake me up a little. It’s not an uncomfortable cooling either, it’s just literally like putting cool water on your face. So when I’ve applied it straight from the stick, I like to then rub it into the skin as you would a traditional primer and it absorbs so quickly and leaves the skin a little tacky ready for foundation. 

Here is Stila’s take on this primer: “Create the perfect canvas for your makeup with this refreshing, water-based primer stick, infused with a cocktail of cooling ingredients to leave skin silky, even-toned and visibly refine pores”

I have used this primer with a few different foundations and found that it really does make the foundation stick to the face, you don’t get as much blending time as you do with other primers. Some people may not like that, personally it doesn’t bother me as at the moment I’m using Estรฉe Lauder Double Wear so I’m used to working quickly. 

 stila aqua glow primer 
Looking at Stila’s claims for this primer, I thought I’d give you my opinion on them, it definitely is cooling and does leave the skin silky but a little tacky and I believe that’s due to the glycerin in the product. Even toned skin and visibly refined pores? I didn’t notice any difference in my skin tone and my pores didn’t look refined but my foundation didn’t sink into them as it would if I hadn’t used a primer. 

This is a water based primer however, the sixth ingredient is silicone which is where that silky sensation comes from and that’s why when foundation glides over the top of the pores. If you don’t like any silicone in your primers at all then I wouldn’t recommend this primer to you. 

Overall, I really like this primer. I love applying this in the morning to help wake me up a little and find that my foundation lasts well throughout the day when using it. I’ve been using it solid for around 5 / 6 weeks and I’ve used around half of the product so it’s not the longest lasting product but I do use quite a lot because I like the sensation of it. I’d give this product probably a 4 out of 5. 

Have you tried this primer? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Take care and I’ll be back on Friday โค

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