April 2016 Look Fantastic Box

Hello everyone and welcome back! So if you read my previous post you would have seen that I was not happy at all with what I have been receiving from Birchbox and I cancelled my subscription. I was looking into going back to Glossybox and then I was hit by some well placed advertising and the Look Fantastic box kept appearing on websites I was visiting so I had a look at what they were providing and thought I must give this one a go! Look Fantastic is a little more expensive than the other beauty boxes on the market, a rolling 1 month subscription costs £15.00 but I took out a 3 month subscription which costs about £13.33 a month which isn’t bad in my opinion. You also don’t receive ‘tailored’ products in the sense that you don’t fill in a profile so the boxes are generic, I haven’t ever really noticed that previous branded boxes I have bought have really been that tailored and kind of like the fact that you get a one size fits all box as there had been many, many occasions where I had seen other peoples boxes and thought, I want that one! 

april look fantastic box
With all that put aside, let’s get into the April box. I am not sure whether this is still available but I wanted to write this post to share the vast contrast between what I received for my April Birchbox and what I have received in the Look Fanstastic box. First up, I received the May addition of Elle magazine that retails at £4.10 so that is already a big chunk of that you pay for the box. The actual box itself is much larger than others I have received and the design is gorgeous. Inside, the products are wrapped in tissue paper and you get seven products, let’s have a look at them!

Balance Me Super Toning Body Polish

balance me body polish

I am completely out of body scrub so was happy to get this. I have a hand cream from the same brand and the scents are quite spa like which I really like. This product doesn’t contain too much grit but they are natural particles and I find it it very effective. 

Briogeo Deep Conditioning Mask

briogeo deep conditioning mask

Yes! A hair mask not in a sachet that doesn’t even contain enough for one use! This is a brand I have never heard of and this product is a hair mask containing lovely oils such as sweet almond and argan to repair and reduce breakage. I can’t wait to try this product out. 

Bloom and Blossom Bath and Shower Gel

bloom and blossom shower gel

Another brand I have not heard of, this is a very natural brand and this product is a completely fragrance free shower gel which is something that you really don’t see much. This is going to be great when my skin is really dry and I don’t want anything that will irritate it more. 

Rituals Miracle Scrub

rituals miracle scrub

I do really like Rituals hand products and this scrub makes my hands feel so amazing after using it. The grit is very effective and it feels like it contains a lot of oils which is why my hands feel so good after use, plus it smells like my favourite hand cream – great product. 

Tan Worx Tan Maintainer

tan worx tan maintainer

I used to use products similar to this years ago when I was very stupid and used sun beds a lot as this would help keep my tan looking good between sessions. It’s basically a gradual tan which you can use after your holiday to maintain the colour or you could use as a traditional gradual tanning product. I have not tried it out yet but I am going to this weekend, I’ll let you know if I like it. 

Elemis Hand & Nail Butter

elemis hand butter

I have such a stock of hand creams, I don’t know what to do with them! I have tried this out and it’s very effective and smells lovely, I’ve never really looked at Elemis as a brand that produces body care products so this was interesting to see. 

MyVitamins Performance Effervescent


As I have Crohn’s Disease, I like to use vitamins to help my body to get what it cannot absorb from food so this is really nice to see from a beauty subscription box. I’ve not tried these out yet but I am definitely going to. 

As you can see, the quality and size of the products received is completely different to what came in the April Birchbox. Some may not like the difference, you chose the box that suits what you want and need, but for me this is perfect. My monthly subscription box is a gift ‘to me, love me’each month so I want it to contain things that I like and want to use and I have found this box to be a very good one. 

Have you tried the Look Fantastic box? Let me know your thoughts in the comment. Take care and I’ll be back Monday ❤

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