April 2016 Favourites

Hello everyone and welcome to my April favourites! I’m sure I’m not the only person to think this, but this year is seriously flying by and I can’t believe we are in May already – and edging closer to holiday season! This month I don’t have a very large amount of things to share with you but I only want to show things that I are my actual favourites and not bulk it out with things that I don’t really like that much. Anyway, enough rambling, let’s get into the products. 

EstΓ©e Lauder Double Wear Foundation

estee lauder double wear

I reviewed this foundation a while ago on my blog and had said that it wasn’t really for me but after some more use, and trying other foundations, I realised that actually, it is a really good foundation – I just had the wrong colour and was suffering from acne. This for me is the only foundation that truly doesn’t break up on my face and stays put a long time, doesn’t separate and also lets me powder throughout the day. This is my second bottle of this and I now have my perfect shade (my first bottle was after I was colour matched in store and the girl chose a shade way too pick) I have also been recommending this to friends and they have been buying it too, if you do try this foundation though, please make sure that you are double cleansing to remove it as it can get quite clogging. 

Bourjois Lip Velvet

bourjois lip velvet

This is probably no surprise for regular readers, I absolutely love these lip products! This is all I have been wearing on my lips for the last month and my collection has now grown to 5 shades. These products feel amazing in the lips, they don’t last all day but I don’t mind that as if you have a product that lasts all day, it can really dry the lips out and I have dry lips anyway. The texture of these are unlike anything I have tried before and I can’t get enough of them, my favourite shades are 07 Nude-ist and 10 Don’t Pink of It! I will link below my full review of these if you are interested. 

La Roche Posay Toleraine Ultra

la roche posay tolerane ultra

Even though I have oily skin, I also have pretty sensitive skin and I am prone to a lot of redness. This product is designed, over time to help reduce the irritation to the skin. This is my second bottle of this moisturiser and I plan on writing a full review as I really do enjoy using it a lot. It moisturises deeply and feels soothing and calming on the skin. 

Look Good Feel Better Eye Shading Brush

look good feel better brush

This is a brand that I am very new to, they contribute part of their profits to a leading charity that helps people with the visible signs of cancer and cancer treatment which I believe is a fantastic cause. Even though buying these brushes is for a great cause, the brush that I have is incredible quality. The bristles are super soft and I find that I don’t get any fall out when using this brush, even when I use eye shadows that I know normally have fallout when I use my Sigma brushes. I am for sure looking into getting more brushes from this brand. 

Stila Aqua Glow Perfecting Primer

stila aqua glow primer

I have tried many, many primers and I have found that this one is the only one that makes a difference to my makeup application and also how my makeup wears during the day. It is very cooling when you apply it to the skin and even though it’s not marketed to, it actually keeps my oils more under control than others do. I just wish that this came in a bigger tube with more product as I feel like I’m getting through it quite quickly. I have written a full review on this also which I will link below. 

Travelo Purse Spray

travelo purse spray

I used to always carry around full bottles of perfume in my handbag and had to be really careful as I was scared to smash it but then I found these babies. You can fill these up from your full size perfume bottles with 10ml of fragrance and it’s always there and you don’t have to worry about smashing it and they are small and compact enough to fit in any size handbag. These are perfect little bottles, I have two different ones to hold my two favourite perfumes and they also come in a variety of colours. 

So that is everything guys, what are your favourites for this month? Let me know in the comments. Take care and I’ll back soon ❀

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7 thoughts on “April 2016 Favourites

    1. It’s medium / full coverage I’d say. It applies well with s brush and beauty blender but you do end up using a lot more when you use a beauty blender I’ve noticed. Get a sample from a counter and try it out 😊 x


    1. Double wear was on my list for ages too! I think I like the Bourjois lip velvets so much as I have naturally quite dry lips and the traditional type of liquid lipstick it way too drying a formula for me and normal lipstick wears off so quickly on me! Thanks for reading 😊 xx

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