Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Palette

I cannot remember the last time I was so ridiculously excited for an item of makeup to be released… I really can’t! After stalking Urban Decay since seeing US YouTubers review this palette I got up extra early for work on Thursday to make sure I got this baby before it sold out (a little excessive but I needed this!)

So this is the second time that Urban Decay have teamed up with Disney to bring a stunning palette inspired by the Alice in Wonderland films. I unfortunately missed the first palette as I was living in Germany when it was released and Urban Decay wasn’t really available in Germany at the time (that may well have changed by now) so that is one of the reasons I was so excited about this new release. 

urban decay alice in wonderland palette
The packaging of this palette is so stunning, if you think it looks good in pictures I guarantee you it looks even better in person. It has a kaleidoscope design with butterflies and all the small details down to the embossing and the optical illusion around the pans really make for a truly unique item. Urban Decay have gone back to their old style of palette packaging with this – think back to the Book of Shadows series – in the sense that you have the card outer packaging that opens up with a hinged lid and then the eyeshadows are encased in a pull out drawer underneath. I know a lot of people won’t like this type of packaging as it’s quite big but I really like it as it has so much detail you wouldn’t get with a boring tin casing. When you open up the palette it has two little doors and inside there is has a 3D butterfly which you can move the wings on when you open and close the doors – a lot of thought has really gone into the design of this. 

urban decay alice in wonderland palette
This palette retails for Β£43 and contains 20 never before seen shades of eyeshadow ranging from mattes to shimmers, duo chromes to satins and then neutral to brights, and also contains a dual ended brush that has the same kaleidoscope design in the middle. The shades are designed to represent five characters from the film: Alice, Mad Hatter, Mirana, Iracebeth and Time and the shades are grouped together in columns to help you put the colours together to create the looks. Here’s my opinion on the shades:

Looking Glass – this is a lovely pale pink satin that will look great packed on the lids as an all over lid shade

Reflection – this shade is a gorgeous peach matte that makes for a great transition shade

Dormouse – a lovely warm matte brown with a small amount of gold micro glitter, I find this looks awesome in the crease but I also want to try it out as a lid shade and really pack it on to get the glitter to show

Metamorphosis – the colour of Alice’s dress! This is a really unusual blue satin, in some lights it reflects back green, it’s really unique

Hatter – this shade is a very bright green satin and looks amazing!

Gone Mad – this one is like an aubergine purple matte with pink and purple micro glitter

Paradox – orange eyeshadow has never really appealed to me that much but this one is beautiful, it has a very metallic finish and is a lot more pigmented that I expected

Cake – I don’t think you can get much brighter than this pink! It has a satin finish and also has silver micro glitter

Lily – this shade looks like an average cream at first but when you shift it in the light it has a stunning pink / purple duo chrome with a slightly metallic finish

Duchess – another shade that has a beautiful duo chrome, this is a peach that shifts to pink with a metallic finish and gold micro glitter

Kingdom – a gorgeous metallic bronze, will look great with a smokey eye

Chessboard – this shade is a mid toned kind of neutral, maybe a bit more on the warm side matte brown

Heads Will Roll – bright colours are what Urban Decay are known for and this is a matte turquoise with gold micro glitter

Bandersnatch – this is a matte navy blue which can be used instead of black to give a different twist 

Salazen Grum – a super metallic cranberry, this will look amazing in Autumn

Royal Flush – this shade is a metallic white and reminds me of pearls

Time – this colour is not what I was expecting it to be, it’s a very very dark metallic navy

Dream On – the only shade that has chunky glitter, this comes out to be a kind of purpley grey

Chronosphere – going back to neutrals, this is a metallic brown – like a darker version of Kingdom

Mirror – lastly we have mirror which is a satin dark grey

urban decay alice in wonderland palette
Left to right: Looking Glass, Reflection, Dormouse, Metemorphosis, Hatter, Gone Mad, Paradox, Cake, Lily, Duchess, Kingdom, Chessboard, Heads Will Roll, Bandersnatch, Salazen Grum, Royal Flush, Time, Dream On, Chronosphere, Mirror

Overall, I absolutely adore this palette. It’s got so much colour and also your basic neutrals but adds extra dimension to them by adding a bit of glitter or a striking duo chrome. The shadows themselves are like silk and blend beautifully, I wouldn’t expect anything less. To me, this palette is the epitome of what Urban Decay is as a brand and bringing colour and fun into makeup is what they do best, well done for making a truly beautiful palette. Thank you for reading and I’ll be back soon ❀

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