August 2016 Look Fantastic Box

Hello everyone! Today we have my August Look Fantastic box unboxing. This month’s box theme is #lfbestofbritish and contains a variety of items (mainly skincare) from a host of British brands, some of them I know and love, others I haven’t heard of so looking forward to trying them out. 

august 2016 look fantastic box
If you haven’t heard of the Look Fantastic box before, it’s a monthly subscription box with costs starting at £15.00 per month. I take the 3 month subscription and pay £13.33 a month, which is great as with some services you have to pay the whole cost up front. As always, you get the current edition of Elle magazine with the box too which is a great addition, let’s let into the products!

Percy & Reed Wonderbalm

percy and reed wonderbalm

A brand I’ve never heard of, this product claims to help tame and smoothe the hair and acts as a primer for other styling products to be applied over it. I’ve not really heard of a product that acts as a primer for hair before, but I’m not really that into hair products so this may have been around a while! I’ve not tried it yet as I’m using a few other things at the moment but I am intrigued as to whether it will work. 

Bloom and Blossom Rejuvinating Facial Spritz

bloom and blossom facial spritz

I have tried this brand before and I love how they have so few ingredients in their products. This particular item has 11 ingredients, which I think is amazing. This facial spray contains ingredients that are claimed to improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles. It has a really fine mist when you apply so it feels really light and doesn’t soak your face like other sprays can. I’ve not noticed any difference in my skin but I only use sprays once or twice a day so that may be why. 

Balance Me Congested Skin Serum

balance me congested skin serum

I’ve had my eye on this product so I’m happy to get this in my box. It’s designed to tackle spots and blocked pores naturally without using harsh chemicals and contains a multitude of natural ingredients such as lavender and eucalyptus to help heal the skin. Not tried this yet but will do tonight, I’ll let you know how this one works. 

Bee Good Vanilla & Honey Lip Balm

bee good lip balm

I was really hoping for a lip balm this month as I’m running out so I am really happy to get this. I love my Lanolips lip balms and have not used anything that has worked as well as them, surprisingly though, this works just as well as they do. It has a beeswax base so it’s quite thick but from your body heat it melts into a lovely soothing balm. I love this product and it’s a new brand discovery for me. 

REN Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist

ren anti pollution mist

A little disappointing receiving two facial mists in the same box, however I really do love REN skincare and the two mists have different benefits. This one is designed to help protect the skin from pollution in the air so is great for people who live / work in big cities. It’s a great travel size for your handbag and this is going to go into mine. The spray isn’t as fine as the Bloom and Blossom one so take care when applying this over makeup. 

RENU Lip and Eye Active Lift

renu lip and eye lift

As we all know, the skin around they eyes needs extra care but I’ve never really thought that much about my lips to be honest. The cream contains ingredients to help increase the production of collagen and thus creating plumper skin which shows less signs of aging. I’ve not tried this out yet but it feels surprisingly light on the back of my hand, I don’t like really tick eye creams at all. 

Another good box this month, would have maybe preferred a little more variance in the products instead of the strong focus on skincare. That being said, I like everything in there so it’s not that anything is going to be wasted, I do subscribe to Look Fantastic though as they generally have a well balanced box. What are your thoughts on this month’s box?let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon ❤

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