Empties 2016 Volume 2

Hello everyone! It has been so long since I wrote an empties post, I moved house and binned all my empties as I was clearing my old house our so that’s why it’s been so long. I’ve got a good amount of products here so I will write a mini review and let you knew whether I’ll be buying them again, let’s get started!

2016 empties
Urban Decay Deslick Powder

I loved this product, really does make a difference to oily skin, wouldn’t recommend it to dry skinned people as it can cling. Packaging is beautiful, I’m sad to throw this away, it’s a shame you can get refills!

Repurchase? Yes

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse

This still has some left but because I’ve had it so long, it gone green so it’s going in the bin. I liked this tan but it did fade quite patchy and you really had to scrub to get it off. It’s less than £10 too so it’s good if you’re on a budget. 

Repurchase? Not sure on this one due to the patchy fading

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair!

I liked this mask as it didn’t make my hair greasy really quickly. My hair isn’t super damaged, it can just be flat and a little lacklustre but this made it feel really soft afterwards

Repurchase? Maybe

Vichy Idéalia Serum

Love the packaging of this but the product itself is a bit of a miss for me. I wrote a full review on this which I will like below if you are interested in finding out more. 

Repurchase? No

La Roche-Posay Toleraine Ultra

This is a very basic moisturiser but my skin loves it. This is the second bottle I have used up, I have switched to another moisturiser and I’m not sure if my skin is just playing up or it doesn’t like the moisturiser… That being said, if you are looking for a basic, but effective moisturiser, I really recommend this. 

Repurchase? Yes

2016 empties
Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream

I get through so much hand cream, I have it on my desk at work, my bedside table, my coffee table and handbag! This one was really rich and had spa style scent. It was nice but didn’t really wow me. 

Repurchase? Maybe

Monu Spa Rosewood Reviving Mist

I’m quite into facial sprays at the moment but this one wasn’t great. It’s tinged my eyes so much if I opened them before the spray had completely settled and the scent was too much. 

Repurchase? No

Uniq One Coconut Hair Treatment

This was a really nice leave in treatment spray, made my hair manageable and smelt amazing. I can’t find this online anywhere though! If you knew where to get the coconut one in the UK please let me know!

Repurchase? Yes

Garnier Colour Illuminator Shampoo & Conditioner

I didn’t like this, it made my hair greasy within a day and made my hair look quite dull. I used it up as it was there but this is the second of the range I have tried and they haven’t impressed me. 

Repurchase? No

2016 empties
Benefit Ka-Brow

This was ok, but then it completely dried out after one use! I had stored it with something holding it closed but it totally dried out and the product has actually fallen out of the packaging. I really don’t get on with Benefit products no matter how hard I try!

Repurchase? No

Vichy Idéalia Eyes

This is a decent budget eye cream, it’s nourishing but it’s not really heavy under the eyes. It has light reflecting particles to help disguise darkness and is an overall good eye cream. 

Repurchase? Yes

REN Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial

This is a glycolic acid treatment that really makes a difference to the skin. I love using this and it helps fade my acne scarring. 

Repurchase? Yes

Urban Decay Brow Beater

My favourite brow pencil ever, this is my perfect brow pencil. It’s waxing but creamy and actually stays on all day. 

Repurchase? Yes

Lancôme Visionnaire 

I like basic moisturisers as they do the job perfectly but I fancied trying out something more expensive. And you can’t tell this is expensive, it feels amazing on the skin, it skins in quickly and makes your skin feel like silk I was really surprised by this. 

Repurchase? I would really like to have the full size but not sure if I could justify the price

2016 empties
Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes Level 2 Shampoo & Conditioner

These are the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used in my hair. They smell incredible and make hair look and feel amazing. 

Repurchase? Yes

Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Balm

Lanolips is a relatively new brand to me and I think their lip products are the best I’ve used. This one really keeps my lips nourished and smells like lemon sherbet. 

Repurchase? Yes

Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Hand Food

Another handcream! I really enjoyed this one, not greasy and smells like cookies. 

Repurchase? Yes

Tigi Bed Head Smoothing Stuff

Don’t leave this product in direct sunlight as its ruins it! Mathis has complete separated and no matter how much I shake it, it won’t go back to how it was. This was a finishing product that I used to smoothe fly away hair and add shine and it has an incredible smell. 

Repurchase? Yes

Wel that is everything, for this post. I’ll try not to leave I for so long next time so I can write you a shirter post. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon ❤

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6 thoughts on “Empties 2016 Volume 2

    1. It’s noticeable on the crease inside your elbows if you know what I mean? And I found it faded on the skin under my arms rather than on top. It was noticeable because I’m naturally really pale but if you scrub it off when you notice it then you’ll be ok 😊 it’s a good budget tan but I’ve tried a few others recently that are more expensive that are much better. Thanks for reading 💕 xx


  1. ugh, i have been trying so, so hard for so, so long to love benefit products. the packaging is so cute, some people love them, but for me, they’re just — meh. the only thing I’ve managed to keep from benefit is their hoola bronzer, but watts up highlighter, push up liner, and “they’re real” mascara have kinda been “meh.” i wish i could find something i love by them!

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