The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask Review

Hello everyone, so today I am sharing with you my review of one of The Body Shop’s brand new face masks. The Body Shop have just released 5 new ‘superfood’ face masks, each targeted at different skin concerns. I chose the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask as its aimed at those of us who have oily and problematic skin, but there is one for everyone. 

the body shop himalayan charcoal mask
These masks retail at £15 each and you get 75ml of product. The packaging is beautiful and looks much more expensive than it is, the product is housed in a heavy brown glass pot which is embossed at the bottom and has an oversized black screw on lid, I really thought that you got more than 75ml of product as the weight of the pot is a little misleading. The actual mask is a thick greyish brown with a mixture of very fine charcoal and larger tea leaves throughout the product. It has a strong menthol and tea tree smell, it’s not unpleasant but it’s pretty strong so it may be worth noting if you don’t like a strong scent in your skincare products. 

The Body Shop claim that this particular mask is “Inspired by Ayurvedic traditions, our tingling mud mask contains a powerful bamboo charcoal, active exfoliating green tea leaves & potent tea tree oil which combine to purify the skin and give it a new lease of life.” 

the body shop himalayan charcoal mask

Looking at the ingredient list, this is a clay based mask with kaolin being the second ingredient. It also contains a high amount of alcohol (5th on the list) and menthol and eucalyptus oil which can irritate the skin if you have very sensitive skin so be mindful if this is something you are looking to buy. 

I have used this mask a few times now, I apply it with an old foundation brush to help smoothe it onto my skin a little better. The tea leaves can get a little messy and you have to kind of push them on the face a little but it’s not a problem. The first thing I noticed is that it really tingles, really tingles! The first time I used it I had pulled it a little to close to my eyes and the menthol and eucalyptus made my eyes water so much, it got to the point I was going to wash it off as I thought I was having a reaction it it (I hadn’t read the full ingredient list so didn’t see that it contained the menthol and eucalyptus oils) however, after a few minutes it calmed down and I had a much more gentle tingling sensation. 

the body shop himalayan charcoal mask
To remove the mask, I soaked a face cloth in warm water and patted it over the skin to help soften the mask a little and then carefully rubbed over the face to remove it. You need to have a gentle hand when removing as the tea leaves provide quite a deep exfoliation, my skin isn’t extremely sensitive but my skin was pretty pink once removed. It did feel amazing afterwards though and very soft. 

So my first experience wasn’t great, but I’ve used it a few times since and now I know what to expect, I do really enjoy using it. My skin is playing up at the moment so I’m hoping that in time this will help it to calm down a little. I have been using it once to twice a week in combination with my Alpha H Liquid Gold and apart from having a couple of horrendous spots, my pores are actually starting to clear and I have less black/white heads but I do have painful cystic spots which need to go away! 

Overall, I think this is a lovely face mask and I like that high street brands are starting to come out with face mask ranges that have specific benefits, I have read a few blog posts comparing this particular mask with one from Glam Glow (I haven’t tried the Glam Glow one so can’t really comment) but it’s good to see the high street seeing what is popular in the high end market and bringing out more affordable, comparable products. If you are curious to try this mask, I would edge with caution if you have very sensitive skin as I believe it may cause irritation. 

Have you tried any masks from this range? What were your thoughts? Thank you for reading, I’ll be back soon ❤

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6 thoughts on “The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask Review

  1. Great review! I want to go see what the other “flavors” are now and find one just for me!

    Based on your review, it sounds exactly like the GlamGlow products. They have always bothered me with their tea leaf chunks. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed it 😊 I’m thinking of getting the Chinese rice and ginseng one next which is another exfoliating style mask – I need exfoliating on my skin! There’s a honey one and a rose one which are both aimed at more normal / dry skin types that also look beautiful xx


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