Kat Von D London Calling Review

Hello everyone and welcome back. I have good news for my UK readers, Kat Von D Beauty is officially releasing this month in the UK! I got an email a few days ago from Debenhams with this exciting news and as a sneak peak of the full line up, Debenhams were selling a limited edition set of miniatures that I needed to try out. The London Calling set contains an Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Double Dare 3ml, Studded Kiss Lipstick in Lolita 1.2g and the infamous Tattoo Liner in Trooper 0.2ml. This set retails at Ā£19.50 and is available on http://www.debenhams.com

kat von d london calling
The outer box of this set is beautiful and features the London skyline in the background with images of the products in a glossy finish in front. Inside the box, the products are wrapped up in black tissue paper, which for me added to the excitement of trying these out. 

kat von d everlasting liquid lipstick
The Everlasting Liquid Lipstick is the first full on liquid lipstick that I have ever tried. I use my Bourjois Lip Velvets on a daily basis because they don’t fully dry down and I have really dry lips so I’ve always steered clear of liquid lipsticks and could not bring myself to buy a full size one and then not like it. The shade Double Dare is described as being a cocoa blush and I think it’s a beautiful colour now we are edging into Autumn. Even though this is a mini product, the detail on the packaging is stunning and I have to say, I actually really like this liquid lip so far. I apply a thin layer and wait a few moments for it to set and I can hardly feel it on my lips at all which really suprised me. I found that it doesn’t last all day and starts to break down a little after around 6 hours wear but it never felt so uncomfortable that I had to take it off. I’m going to keep testing this out and if it continues to work for me as it has been, I’m going to buy some more shades when the full range releases. Never thought I’d say I would buy liquid lipsticks!

kat von d tattoo liner
I feel like I’m in the minority when I say, I actually prefer pen style liquid liners. I find that the ones that have a brush get stuck in my lashes and make my mascara clumpy and I don’t get as much control whereas with a pen, I can get really close to my lash line and have full control of what I’m doing. The only thing I don’t like about them is that with some, the felt tip can irritate my eyes if it’s too stiff. The Tattoo Liner has a very fine tip that I can work with but it’s a brush on the end and not a felt tip so it feels so smooth when applying and doesn’t irritate my eyes at all. It’s described as having a satin black finish which isn’t my favourite, I would prefer it to be fully matte but it does look beautiful and I will be buying the full size. 

kat von d studded kiss lipstick
Lastly in the set, we have the Studded Kiss Lipstick in the iconic shade Lolita. Mini lipsticks are awesome, they are perfect to keep in your handbag and this lipstick has a formula unlike anything I have tried before. It’s a little dry but it’s got so much pigment and once it’s applied, it feels like you have nothing on your lips. The shade is a little darker than I anticipated, it’s described as being a chestnut rose, but for me, it’s very fitting for Autumn / Winter, if I had to chose between Lolita and Double Dare, I think I’d prefer Double Dare for me personally. This lipstick lasts longer that any other that I have tried and again, I am going to be exploring more shades when they are released. 

kat von d swatches
Left to right: Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Double Dare, Studded Kiss Lipstick in Lolita, Tattoo Liner in Trooper

This set is a fantastic introduction to the Kat Von D brand, it’s a beautifully curated set and a lot of thought and detail have gone into every part of it. If you’ve never tried any products from the brand, I definitely recommend this set, I am so impressed with it. This would make a wonderful gift too so if you’re starting you Christmas shopping early, get one of these for any makeup lovers in your life. Thank you for reading, I’ll be back soon ā¤

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