Latest In Beauty Build Your Own Beauty Box April 2017

Hello everyone and welcome back. I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather we have in the U.K. at the moment! Today I am sharing with you my selection of goodies I chose for my build your own beauty box from Latest In Beauty. 

Latest In Beauty let’s you build your own customised beauty box every month so you are in control of what you get. Gone are the days of disappointing products that you end up giving away! I personally have the 6 product box that costs £15 but you can also get a 3 products for £9 or 9 products for £18. You don’t get a pretty box but to be honest, I find the packaging of standard boxes a bit wasteful. Enough rambling, let’s get into the products. 

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist 15ml

Jurlique rosewater balancing mist

I’ve never tried anything from Jurlique before and this is a product I’ve heard lots of good things about. I’m not the biggest fan of rose scented products but this doesn’t smell synthetic. I use this on days where I wear BB cream and powder foundation as a final step to stop my skin looking so powdery. It is nice but I can’t see me buying the full size as it costs around £28!

Eucerin Intensive Lip Balm 10ml (full size)

Eucerin intensive lip balm

You all know how much I love lip balms. This is not too thick but it does last a decent amount of time. It does a good job of moisturising the lips and is one that I would probably buy again. 

Nanshy Kabuki Brush

Nanshy kabuki brush

I chose this as I wanted a new brush to use for powder foundation and I really like it! It’s dense enough to pack on coverage but it’s also super soft and blends in the powder really easily. Very impressed with this. 

Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer 30ml

Bumble and bumble hairdressers invisible oil

Never tried anything from this brand before, this product is a heat protectant that tames frizz and also adds UV protection. I’ve not tried it out yet but it smells really good and I’m looking forward to seeing what it can do for my wild hair! 

Nails Inc White Horse Street 14ml (full size)

Nails inc White horse street

This is a really interesting colour, it’s an off white that looks a bit grey but also a bit lavender. It goes on really well and you get full opaque colour in 2 coats, I do find that lighter colours can take more than 2 coats to get opaque colour but not with this one. 

The White Company Seychelles Hand Cream

The white company Seychelles hand cream

Ok, so I did not need more hand cream but I’ve not tried anything from The White Company before so I thought I would give it a go. And I am so glad I did! This smells incredible! It’s like being on a sunny beach holiday and it’s not sickly or overly sweet. I can’t describe scents at all but if you get a chance to smell this, do it! Will be buying this in full size and more from the range. 

That’s all my products for this month. I love all of them and can see myself repurchasing most of them when they run out. I also got 2 perfume samples to try out, one of them isn’t for me but who doesn’t love perfume samples?? Take care and I’ll be back next week ❤

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3 thoughts on “Latest In Beauty Build Your Own Beauty Box April 2017

  1. It’ll be time for me to choose my products in a couple of days – I really like the build-your-own-box idea! I got that handcream last time and it’s wonderful. I think I’ll get the full-size one too, and there’s a body lotion in the same range!

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