March & April 2017 Empties 

Hello everyone! Today we have all the products that I have use up over the past 6-8 weeks and as always, a mini review and whether I’d buy the product again, let’s get started with skincare. 

Empties 2017

Vichy Pureté Thermale Beautifying Cleansing Micellar Oil

I know I sound like a broken record with this product but it’s amazing and the only product I use to remove my makeup. 

Repurchase? Yes!

Simple Spotless Skin Face Wash

Another product that I have used for a very long time, this face wash is great for spot prone skin. I have however stopped using this one as I’m moving away from using foaming cleansers on my face but this is a good purse friendly wash. 

Repurchase? Not at the moment 

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Nuit

I regularly use the Toleriane range and during this winter, my skin started to get pretty dry and I started using this moisturiser during the day. It’s very soothing and effective, contains no fragrance and is an effective basic moisturiser. 

Repurchase? Yes

Vichy Liftactiv Supreme

I wasn’t too keen on this product, firstly because I don’t like products in pots and secondly as I found it very heavy and greasy. Didn’t notice any improvement in my skin whilst using it so not something I would buy in full size. 

Repurchase? No 

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet

This isn’t empty but I just don’t like it! I bought it as it has a similar texture to the body sorbets which I love but I found that this made my skin drier and the fragrance is very overwhelming. It’s nice and cooling on the skin but it dries mine out unfortunately. 

Repurchase? No 

Empties 2017

Étre Belle Golden Skin Roll On Caviar Eye Gel

I like roll on eye creams / gels in the morning as they are cooling and help reduce puffiness but this product is very thin and just does nothing. It has some shimmer in it to brighten but the particles are quite big and they are noticeable. Not for me. 

Repurchase? No

Oskia Renaissance Mask

This is a lovely resurfacing and brightening mask but I really don’t like the price! I’ve recently written a full review on this product which I will link and the bottom of this post. 

Repurchase? This is a tough one. Yes as it’s effective but no because of the price!

Poläar Lip Balm

This lip balm is ok but it tastes very perfumey so you have to apply it very thinly and make sure none goes in your mouth! I think there’s better balms on the market which aren’t heavily perfumed so this one is a miss. 

Repurchase? No

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Levres

Talking about better balms on the market, this is one of them! Absolutely love this balm, it’s the most effective balm I have ever used, it actually repairs the skin on the lips, has no fragrance and it is thick enough to not slide off after a few minutes of wear. 

Repurchase? Already have! 

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation 

I hated this product with a passion when I bought it and never thought I would finish the bottle! However, I ran out of foundation and had to use this one while waiting for my normal foundation to be delivered and I ended up getting on with it. It wasn’t so great that I’d go out and buy it again in a hurry but it worked ok during colder months. 

Repurchase? Probably not 

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder

This is a decent setting powder that adds a small amount of coverage and doesn’t leave the skin looking powdery matte. Not much to say about it other than it’s an ok product. 

Repurchase? Maybe 

The Balm Schwing Liquid Eyeliner 

I much prefer pen style liquid eyeliner but this one is good, highly pigmented and stays on all day. If this was in pen form I’d buy it again. 

Repurchase? No 

Empties 2017

Urban Decay Brow Beater

Another product that you will have seen many times on my blog, this is the only product I use to fill in my brows. Great colour, very precise and lasts all day. 

Repurchase? Already have 

Urban Decay Brow Tamer

I really liked this but I have been using a £4 Rimmel one that does just as good a job so it’s not something I’ll repurchase at the moment. 

Repurchase? Probably not 

Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer

I’m not a big fan of Benefit to be honest. I find that none of their products work for me and I end up being frustrated that I’ve spent a lot of money on products that I don’t end up using. To me, this is just a thinner texture of the mascara in the range and in brown. I liked it but it’s just brown mascara!

Repurchase? No 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lip Velvet – 10 Don’t Pink of It

An amazing product if you want a longer lasting matte lipstick that doesn’t fully set and dry on your lips. I’ve recently been wearing more liquid lipsticks but I’m edging back to this style of formula as I’ve gone off the fully matte set lip. 

Repurchase? Yes 

Soap & Glory Clean on Me

Lovely shower gel that smells amazing! Have bought this many times and will continue to. 

Repurchase? Yes 

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter

Again, another product that smells amazing and is a cult classic. 

Repurchase? Yes

Got 2 B Volumising Spray Mousse

This was ok but I didn’t see the difference between this and a normal mousse. With this one, it’s designed to be sprayed directly into the roots of the hair but to be honest, it dispenses too much product and I ended up spraying it into my hands and using it as a normal mousse. 

Repurchase? No

That’s all for this post! What products have you used up recently? Take care and I’ll be back next week ❤

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